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About Magpie

Magpie Jewelry Designs combines vintage costume jewelry elements with other materials in modern ways, giving each piece energy and life.


Designer Kristianna Foye searches for old jewelry and interesting objects in antique markets, estate sales, and charity shops wherever she travels.  She works with vintage charms, brooches, beads, and other materials in combination with new stones and glass to make necklaces and earrings. She is inspired by how colors, shapes, and textures interact, and how objects from different eras can affect one another.

Every piece from Magpie Jewelry Designs is singular: Kristianna designs and constructs each one herself, and pieces are not repeated.  To add further meaning and resonance, each is named based on cultural, historical, and artistic references.


She finds that the limitations of working with older materials inspire her creativity.  In her view, there are so many beautiful things from the past that are no longer worn or enjoyed, and it is a pleasure to use these materials to create something fresh and modern.

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